Kanon likes cars so he writes about them here.  He also likes motorcycles and other stuff about cars and motorcycles, and other ephemera about cars and motorcycles and the history thereof, so he writes about that stuff here also.

All opinions are Kanon's alone, unless they're someone else's opinions, in which case he'll do his best at attribution.  And where attribution is not possible or achieved or perhaps desired, well, just consider this a postmodern car blog and move along.

No qualified or credentialed members of the Society for Automotive Engineers were harmed (or likely even consulted) in the writing of any of these pieces.  Thus any factual discrepancies contained in this blog are due entirely to an English Major writing about complex and esoteric technical subjects.  To wit: Caveat Emptor.  

As a rule, this blog will adhere strictly to Kanon's strident opinions about the cosmic goodness of the Oxford Comma.  Kanon will also periodically refer to himself in the third-person, but only in the About section of this blog.